What variables put lesbians’ and bisexual women’s health at risk?

bisexual women

bisexual women

There are many things that may cause health problems for lesbians and bisexual women. Most of these may be beyond your handle. Other things you are able to work to enhance. These include:

Absence of fitness.

Weight problems and not doing exercises can lift up your risk of heart problems, some cancers, and earlier death. Many studies show that lesbians and bisexual females have a higher body mass(BMI) than other women of all ages. Studies propose that lesbians may possibly store much more of their unwanted fat in the stomach (stomach area). Fat around your belly increases the risk for cardiovascular illnesses and type 2 diabetes. Several studies additionally suggest that lesbians think a lesser amount of about weight issues than heterosexual females do.

Studies have shown that lesbian and bisexual women are more inclined to have a greater BMI as long as they:
· Are African American or Latina
· Are older
· Have illness
· Have a lower degree of education
· Don’t physical exercise often
· Live with a female partner


Smoking can lead to cardiovascular disease and types of cancer of the lung, throat, abdominal, colon, and cervix. The group of women most likely to smoke is definitely bisexual women. Lesbos are also quite likely going to smoke as compared with heterosexual women will be. Researchers imagine that higher rates of cigarettes among lesbians and bisexual girls are due to:
· Tobacco advertisements aimed at gays and lesbians
· Differences in community norms
· Low self-esteem
· Stress from disposition
· Anxiety from covering up one’s erotic orientation

Booze and substance abuse.

Substance abuse can be a serious health problem for all folks in the U.S. Modern data shows that substance employ among lesbians – mostly drinking alcohol- has gone down over the past twenty years. Reasons for this can include:
· More general knowledge and also concern about overall health
· More moderate consuming among women of all ages in general

Domestic lack of control.

Also called personal partner assault, this is when somebody purposely results in either physical or emotional harm to another person. Domestic physical violence can occur within lesbian relationships (because it does with heterosexual ones). Nevertheless, lesbian victims tend to stay quiet about the violence. Some causes include:

·Less services accessible to help lesbians and bisexual girls
·Fear of discrimination
·Threats with the batterer to “out” your victim
·The fear of losing custodianship of children
There are numerous resources open to women who are usually victims regarding domestic violence. All women really should seek support and basic safety from domestic violence.

More Info: http://womenshealth.gov/publications/our-publications/fact-sheet/lesbian-bisexual-health.html