SB19 producer launches P-pop girl group YGIG

SB19 producer launches P-pop girl group YGIGP-pop group YGIG / Jan Milo Severo

MANILA, Philippines — Talent agency SBTown launched its first-ever P-pop girl group, YGIG (You Go I Go), last Thursday. 

SBTown president Geong Seong Han, who is fondly called Tatang Robin by fans, introduced Alexei, Maeg, JM, Vien, Darlene, Hazelyn and Jewel as YGIG. Tatang Robin is credited as mentor and producer of P-pop supergroup SB19. 

The seven-member girl group performed its first single, "Shaba Shaba," at their debut in Quezon City.  

Geong acknowledged the growing popularity of P-pop girl groups in the country. BINI, KAIA and MNL48 are currently popular girl groups.

“Here in the Philippines, it is still obvious that a lot of boy groups have bigger fandoms. But seeing the situation in Korea, it is now the girl groups that are getting more attention,” he said. 

The group's Korean trainer, Adie Hong, said that YGIG underwent rigorous training for four years. 

“Every training is really hard. I’m sure everyone experienced the pandemic so everyone knows how hard it is for everyone, especially the YGIG members. They are very young. They did not give up. They fully trust the company. They sincerely participated in the training,” Hong shared. 

“Our YGIG members are very patient and sincere,” she added. 

"Shaba Shaba" is about a girl who casts a spell on the boy she likes. 

“Initially po, this song is about a confident girl who likes someone. But whenever that person is right in front of her, she gets very shy and very intimidated. That leads her po to cast a love spell to be able to get him,” Darlene said.

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