Ina Na Hinahanap Ng Kaniƴang Pamilƴa Ng Halos 10 Taon Na, Natagpuan Dahil Sa Isang Facebook Post

This story on social media touched the hearts of netizens where the dog seems to serve as an angel to help a mother who is lost for a long time now.

According to some reports, a mother in General Santos City was helped by the Animal Rescue Team group Purpaws to share on their Facebook Page her search for her missing dog. Because her dog was allegedly taken from her by a stranger.

The mother was identified as Jocelyn. It can be noticed to her that she already has weak speech and thinking.

Jocelyn is often seen walking on the City Highway with her beloved dog. The Purpaws group was once given a leash to Nanay Jocelyn to give to her dog as a gift.

The Purpaws group even has a photo of the said dog and Nanay Jocelyn even before it disappeared. It can be seen in these photos that the dog has a white color with a little touch of brown.

Many netizens helped Nanay by sharing her post until it reached the area of Bukidnon where Nanay’s relatives allegedly live.

The Purpaws group soon received a message from a woman named Joan Francisco Contapay.

The message received was not for the dog but Nanay Jocelyn herself because according to Joan’s message, she said that Nanay Jocelyn was her Mother whom they had been looking for a long time.

According to Joan herself, her mother Jocelyn loves to travel, sometimes she is always in their neighboring town like Polomok, South Cotabato.

Nanay Jocelyn’s niece Nica Contapay Apura also contacted Purpaws. Joan cried a lot when she read the said post.

As the Purpaws, they said they did not expect such an event because the simple search for the missing dog became a way for the children to find their mother who has been missing for a long time.

It was a great help for Nanay Jocelyn to be with her child again because it was found out that Nanay Jocelyn lives alone. The rescue team provided groceries and necessities for her.

With the help of Micropets Petshop owner Bong Samulde and Purpaws’ partner, Nanay Jocelyn was able to talk to her child and nephew.

Nanay Jocelyn said that she did not want to go back to Bukidnon but according to her child and nephew, Nanay would be more taken care of if she was with them. That’s why the Purpaws helps Nanay Jocelyn to get back to their place.

Even though the outcome of the incident was better, the group of Purpaws and Nanay Jocelyn continued to ask for help to find her beloved dog.