Totoonǥ Dahilan Nǥ Malakinǥ Paǥbabaǥo Nǥ Itsura Ni Mon Confiado

It is undeniable that Mon Confiado is one of the veterans and admired actors in the Philippine showbiz industry. Aside from his good looks, Mon Confiado was also known for his skill and talent when it comes to acting. He is also considered the most important pillar of Philippine showbiz because of the number of films he has made, whether it is indie or mainstream, and even television series.

But recently he has shocked the public and even the entire showbiz industry due to the sudden change in his physical appearance. Many netizens then ask if his change is part of his project or does he have a ser1ous 1llness? Did he learn to gamble and lose or use 1ll3gal dr*gs? Or maybe it’s just part of his preparation for his next project in the showbiz industry?

Indeed, many were surprised to see the magnitude of the change in her appearance today. But a few weeks later Mon clarified in interviews and on his social media accounts about the change in his appearance.

He says, “Taong Grasa” “a suntannned face” ….intentionally exposed to the sun in order to achieve this color for a character #nomakeup #nobathfortheentiresshoot Photo by Benjamin Padero from the film ‘Captive’.

According to him, “Physical transformation in the name of cinema isn’t always easy. It requires a lot of discipline, dedication, passion, sacrifice, commitment, and love for the art. #dramaticphysicaltransformationsforarole #chameleon.”

Many netizens were amazed at his drastic physical transformation. Mon indeed gives everything just so that he can perform well and well in every role that is given to him.

Mon Confiado is one of the veteran actors in the Philippine showbiz industry who has appeared in more than 300 local and international films and more than 500 television guests. Mon received ‘Best Supporting Actor’ twice at the FAMAS awards in 2008 and 2018.

What can you say about this? Are you surprised by his sudden change in appearance? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and thoughts with us