7 years nya hinintay ang dati niyang estudyante para mapakasalan ito.

When it comes to love it has no choice of age, gender, or status in life and when you really love someone you will ignore everyone just to get what you love.

Erwin and Vinda are just like a couple from Indonesia. Erwin is a teacher and his girlfriend Vinda is a student. Their romance began at the school they attended. Erwin as a teacher aged 27 and student Vinda aged 13.

According to them, the first person to look at the two was the girl Vinda. Many people say that it may be just ‘Puppy love’ but those who speak to them like this are wrong. Because the story of the two was a “True Love”.

Soon, the teacher, Sir Erwin, was also hit by Vinda’s attention to him. Because Vinda is always scratching and has a lot of questions to the teacher about what is just for her to notice.

Soon the two had a relationship because of what Vinda was doing, the Master also fell for her. It was not easy for the two because there were many who slandered them and there was more talk about them. Sir Erwin waited for the right time to marry Vinda, he waited for almost seven years.

In 2018, the two got married and now they also have a child. This proves that there is no choice of state or age in love as long as you two are faithful to each other and nothing is impossible.

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