Kylie Padilla, Matapang Na Inamin Ang Sakit Na Pinagdaan Na Talagang Hindi Alam Nǥ Lahat

Kylie Padilla opened up about her eating problem rehabilitation and encouraged others to be gentle with themselves in their quest for beauty.

On her YouTube vlog yesterday, Nov. 30, the actress reflected on her problems with an eating condition while discussing “the standard of beauty.”

“When I was a little girl, my idea of beauty was blonde, blue eyes, tall [and] skinny. That was not me,” Padilla said, saying that she never felt pretty and enough when she was groin in Australia.

“Ngayon ko lang nakikita na napaka-unhealthy (I’m only seeing now that it’s so unhealthy) for a young developing mind, for a young developing girl, to see that,” she told fans.

Padilla recalled having “such terrible self-esteem” as a child, despite the fact that she has since recovered from her eating issue.

“I just felt like I can’t be me. Being me is not beautiful. Naging eating disorder siya for a long time,” she recounted. “I’m recovered now. For 10 years, I was hungry.”

Padilla also mentioned that when she was pregnant with her first child, Alas, she learned to respect her body more.

“When I got pregnant, I had a reason to eat. I grew so much respect for my body,” she narrated. “Naniniwala na rin ako na (I now believe that) my worth is more than what I look like and how thin I am.”

Padilla managed to lose weight after giving birth, despite gaining weight during her pregnancy. Being a prominent figure, however, put pressure on her to achieve what she used to consider sexy.

“Even though I’m a recovered bulimic, every day is a challenge for me kasi (because) the habits that were formed when I was a kid turned into a thinking pattern and a belief system that I have,” she admitted.

Padilla reminded fans that everyone’s definition of beauty is different. She then asked people to be “brave” and change their mindsets.

“Be kinder to yourself and you have to know that your worth is more than your body,” she said. “There’s nothing wrong with wanting to look beautiful. It’s just that sana (hopefully), you do it in a way that it makes you healthier.”

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