Kasambahaƴ Ni Pia Guanio, Inamin Anǥ Paǥtrato Ni Pia Sa Kanila

A very kind and nice employer, this is what Pia Guanio’s house helper would describe her.

Being a house helper is indeed a challenging job. There are even times they were being mol3sted and abu$ed by their employer that’s why many are already considering themselves lucky when they find a kind and nice employer who will treat them like a family and fairly.

For some people, house helpers are simply just a simple servant who will do household chores for their employer.

But for Eat Bulaga host Pia Guanio, she treats their house helpers as an angel to their home.

Just recently, her house helper, Rodalyn Oliveros joined the segment of Eat Bulaga called “Main in the Philippines.”

Rodalyn then shared the kindness that Pia shown her.

Pia allegedly enrolled Rodalyn in a cooking class where she will learn to cook international dishes.

Pia noticed that Rodalyn is smart and good, so she didn’t hesitate to take her to a technical course to hone her cooking skills.

Rodalyn then happily shared that she already gets her certificate and now, she is the chief cook in Pia’s house.

She also shared that Pia often takes her on her trips abroad.

That’s why she is very grateful for Pia’s very good treatment of her.

She was also very thankful that Pia and Steve Mago were very kind to her. It’s been almost four years since she became the nanny of Brooklyn, the youngest child of Pia and Steve.

After a few months of working, she has become an all-around helper to the Eat Bulaga host’s family.

Many praised the kindness shown by Pia. Some were jealous, saying that they were hoping to also have a kind and nice employer like Pia.